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PowerCLI: Search VM By MAC Address

PowerCLI: Search VM By MAC Address

The below snippet is pretty useful for when you have a mac address conflict between your VM’s. The VMware alarm/flag does not tell you the VM that it MAC conflicts with so time to open up PowerCLI and run the below example


Get-VM | Get-NetworkAdapter | Where {$_.MacAddress -eq “00:59:59:c9:da:9a”} | select @{Name="VM";Expression={$_.Parent}},MacAddress | ft -AutoSize


PS: GUI Building Made Easy

PS: GUI Building Made Easy

Okay so when it comes to doing form building in raw PowerShell the formatting can be a complete pain in the ass. So I have been searching online that’s pretty dangerous for me I never know what I might find but on this occasion I have found an awesome tool from Sapien Technologies called Primal Forms CE the only issue I wasn’t able to find a download link for the application and it looks like they have discontinued it for free use but don’t worry I managed to find it sitting on an old mirror and I have left a copy of it on my OneDrive for all of you to download.

So what does it do?

In essence it is a simple drag and drop environment for designing your GUI that is then exportable into raw PowerShell code. Saving you the time and the headache of trying to format it in code



Download Link: