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Junos: SRX Disable Chassis Cluster

Junos: SRX Disable Chassis Cluster

to remove a node from a chassis cluster run the following command

set chassis cluster disable reboot

You should see the following output before the node start the reboot procedure

Successfully disabled chassis cluster. Going to reboot now


Junos: SRX Cluster Node Failover Forced

Junos: SRX Cluster Node Failover Forced

Run the following command to perform a force node failover within your SRX cluster

# Run the following command for each of your redundancy groups that are configured
request chassis cluster failover node 1 redundancy-group 0 force
Junos: Adding a new node to Chassis Cluster

Junos: Adding a new node to Chassis Cluster

Today I have been playing with the vSRX range from juniper and I had broken one of the nodes and instead of repairing the VM it was much easier to re-provision the vSRX VM and add it back into the configured cluster

So First of all spin up a new vSRX VM and run the following

# Enter Configuration Mode
# Goto Top of Configuration File
# Delete Entire Configuration
# Add root password on the appliance
set system root-authentication plain-text-password
# Save empty configuration
# Exit to operational mode
# Join node to cluster
set chassis cluster cluster-id <0-255> node <0-1>
# Perform Node Reboot
Request System Reboot


Once the node has rebooted check the cluster status by running the following command

show chassis cluster status