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PowerCLI: Search VM By MAC Address

PowerCLI: Search VM By MAC Address

The below snippet is pretty useful for when you have a mac address conflict between your VM’s. The VMware alarm/flag does not tell you the VM that it MAC conflicts with so time to open up PowerCLI and run the below example


Get-VM | Get-NetworkAdapter | Where {$_.MacAddress -eq “00:59:59:c9:da:9a”} | select @{Name="VM";Expression={$_.Parent}},MacAddress | ft -AutoSize


PowerCLI: Memory Usage Report Script

PowerCLI: Memory Usage Report Script

The Below one liner will generate a CSV file containing the following

  • VM Host
  • VM Folder
  • VM Name
  • VM Memory Allocation
  • VM Memory Average Usage Last 30 Days
PowerCLI C:\> get-vm | Where {$_.PowerState -eq "PoweredOn"} | sort Name | Select-Object VMHost,Folder,Name,MemoryGB,@{N="Memory Usage (Average Over 30 Days), %" ; E={[Math]::Ro
und((($_ | Get-Stat -Stat mem.usage.average -Start (Get-Date).AddDays(-30) -IntervalMins 5 | Measure-Object Value -Average).Average),2)}} | Format-Table -autosize -Property VMho
st,Folder,Name,MemoryGB,"Memory Usage (Average Over 30 Days), %" | Export-Csv C:\temp\MemoryUsage.CSV
VMware: Cannot Complete Operation

VMware: Cannot Complete Operation

Hi Guys,

It has been a little while since I have last posted reason being that everything has been running smoothly until today!

Okay so on vCenter I was performing some VM changes in the settings and I got the following error


To resolve this if you have a windows based vCenter it is much simpler just restart the VMware vCenter service on the box and off you go but if you have a vCenter appliance you are going to need to perform a full reboot

Anyway I hope this helps

For more information please go to the following KB


Zerto: Upgrading From 4.0U4 to 4.5U4

Zerto: Upgrading From 4.0U4 to 4.5U4

The update process for Zerto from version 4.0U4 to 4.5U4

  • Update all of your current VRA’s to the current version that is running
  • Ensure that all versions of the Zerto Management Software are on the same level
  • Stop Zero Management Service when all syncs and restorations have completed at both sites
  • Download the update package from the Zerto Support portal on both sites
  • Take a copy of the Tweaks file
  • Export your VPG’s configuration using the Zerto diagnostic tool at each site
  • Snapshot the Zerto Management Servers at each site
  • Run the update package
  • log back into each site Zerto Management Portal
  • Ensure all warnings and alerts have settled and resolved
  • Perform VRA updates on each of your VMware hosts

And you are done! Easy!

If anything goes wrong get on the phone to Zerto there support is fantastic! I have just finished my update last night and it went a bit crazy and they soon called me back and helped straight away.